$99 Tune Up CouponTwo Service Visits for the Price of One

Your central air conditioning system is actually two systems; one for cooling and one for heating. That’s why we recommend servicing your central air conditioning system twice per year, once before the hot season and once before the cold season. 

When winter comes, we want to make sure your heater operates at optimum levels after running all summer keeping you cool.

Conversely, we want to make sure your AC is ready for our long hot summers. To prove that we are a good service partner to you and your air conditioning system, we are offering a “two-for-the-price-of-one” Annual Tune-up. 

When you call, we’ll schedule a tune-up of your system right away to get you ready for the upcoming season. Then, some time before the weather changes, we’ll call you to schedule your Bonus Tune-Up appointment to get you ready for the next season. That’s two Tune-ups within a 12 month period for $99.

Offer good for Pinellas County residents only. One offer per household. New customers only please.

Call us to schedule your Annual Tune-up.